I would like to invite you to a special place, in which the incredible power of influence through the beauty of nature in connection with historical values of the building makes every moment spent here exceptional.

The Ciekocinko Palace Hotel Resort & Wellness is situated in the heart of a historic park

where the winding road leading through Kashubian forests and villages ends at a forged metal gate, and decorated with oak leaves and the silhouettes of horses, here starts one of the most delightful adventures for those who pass through its gates. On this side of paradise, an oak avenue leads you through a sea of green, till you reach bright pebbles spread along the Hotel's driveway, where from this moment you can rely on the exceptional and unique service of the Ciekocinko Palace Hotel Resort & Wellness.


Here everything is on a high level. Starting from the building's furnishings, through the quality of service, the flash of silver and the clinking of porcelain in the palace restaurant, the joyous popping of another opened bottle, the rustling of close-woven curtains, the rays of the sun gliding down the secession wallpapers, in the same colours as 100 years ago in Bradbury & Bradbury factory in California's San Francisco. 


Come. Look. Stay.

Sandra and Tomasz Bałuk


Welcome to our world

Experience nature at your fingertips

The hotel harmoniously fits into the landscape with its incredible richness and potential.

Simultaneously, less than

5 kilometres separates it from the sandy and deserted beach.

Your own personal Cast Away at

a comfortable distance from civilisation facilities with the highest quality.

Fobres July 2016

The owner of Palace Ciekocinko in the latest issue of Forbes magazine shares a passion to create a 5* boutique hotel.To read with your morning coffee!